• Category
    Beat Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    0.7 m
  • Weight
    14 kg
  • Ability

Passionate about practising with its sticks

Grookey’s Evolution has caused its stick to change as well—by splitting into two sticks. Thwackey now uses these sticks to keep rhythm. It devotes itself entirely to its practice with these sticks, so that it will be able to drum faster and longer than anyone else. Sometimes Thwackey becomes so focused on its practice that it doesn’t even hear the orders of its Trainer.


Living every day in rhythm

To develop its sense of rhythm, Thwackey keeps the beat alive during its daily life. It walks while swaying back and forth to a beat and drumming with its sticks. It always feels the beat. Some Thwackey have even been seen to keep rhythm while eating.