• Category
    Secret Agent Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    1.9 m
  • Weight
    45.2 kg
  • Ability

A body equipped for anything

Inteleon’s rail-thin body hides a variety of surprising tricks within it. For example, its fingertips can fire out water that has been compressed within its body—shooting it out at a speed of Mach 3—to hit opponents where they’re weakest. Inteleon also has special lenses in its eyes and a sharp knife hidden in its tail. These hidden tricks allow it to adapt to any situation!


A cool-headed and honourable strategist

Inteleon possesses great intellect and thinks deeply about things, calmly and deliberately. It is also known for its chivalrous behaviour. In battle, it analyses the weaknesses and habits of its opponents to devise strategies against them. It puts its intellect to good use when battling. It also appears to show absolute loyalty to Trainers it has recognized as worthy.