• Category
    Drummer Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    2.1 m
  • Weight
    90 kg
  • Ability

An artful performance on its stump drum

As Thwackey evolves into Rillaboom, its two sticks further develop into two sticks and a stump drum! In battle, Rillaboom unleashes powerful sound waves with its drumming and throws opponents about by controlling the roots of its stump. The skills it honed while it was a Thwackey are put on full display.


A gentle nature that seeks harmony

Rillaboom has a gentle nature and won’t involve itself in trivial fights. However, it is extremely sensitive to any actions that could risk the harmony around it and keeps such actions strictly in check. Rillaboom also has a strong sense of solidarity with others, and it will fight ferociously when its allies are in trouble.