• Category
    Rabbit Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    0.6 m
  • Weight
    9 kg
  • Ability

Thick fur all over its body

The fur that covers Raboot’s whole body has changed to become more effective against cold weather. This thick fur is also good for controlling the Pokémon’s fire energy, allowing Raboot to unleash its full power in a shorter amount of time. The temperature on its brow and the soles of its feet has increased since evolving, and Raboot uses these areas to deal flaming-hot headbutts and kicks.


A feet-first approach to fighting

Favoring the powerful legs it’s gained through Evolution, Raboot keeps both hands tucked into the thick fur around its waist when it acts. To better train its kicking attacks, Raboot tries not to use its hands at all, which also seems to be effective in keeping it from losing body heat. It’s also not unusual for Raboot to jump high and kick down Berries that grow in tall trees, juggling them on its feet as it eats them.