• Category
    Warrior Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    2.8 m
  • Weight
    355 kg
  • Ability
    Intrepid Sword

A blindingly brilliant sword of memory

Zacian attacks its foes using the sword it grips in its mouth. The sword’s edge is terrifically sharp and can tear through even the thick scales of Dragon-type Pokémon as though they were no more than paper.


Dashing through the battlefield with beautiful grace

Zacian dashes through the battlefield to strike its enemies with the speed of a swift wind. Its graceful movements are beautiful to behold and have been compared to a dance. Zacian’s slashing attacks possess a speed that makes them impossible to see with the naked eye, and those hit by its blade are cut down before they can even feel pain from the blow.

The move only Zacian can learn: Behemoth Blade!

With this Steel-type physical move, the sword in Zacian’s mouth grows to gigantic proportions and is used to slice at a target. It is especially strong against Dynamax Pokémon, and the impact of it slams right through a Dynamax Pokemon's body to deal devastating damage. The destructive power of this move is said to be enough to cut the very ocean in two.


When used on an opponent that has Dynamaxed, this move does twice the regular damage!

The Intrepid Sword Ability

Zacian’s Ability, Intrepid Sword, is a new Ability introduced in these titles and one that only Zacian has. When Zacian enters a battle, its Attack is boosted, allowing it to deal even more damage to targets when unleashing attacks.