• Category
    Rushing Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    0.5 m
  • Weight
    32.5 kg
  • Ability
  • Linoone

    Previously discovered Linoone

Galarian Linoone

Super destructive charges

Galarian Linoone can reach speeds of over 100 km per hour and can deliver devastating Tackles and Headbutts. These attacks have enough destructive force to even knock a car away, but they can also throw Linoone off balance if they miss.

Galarian Linoone

It’s popular among unhappy and angry youths

Galarian Linoone are rash and fearless, and they will recklessly pick fights even with opponents stronger than themselves. Their fearlessness, as well as their tendency to attack opponents head on, make Galarian Linoone very popular among the disaffected youths of the Galar region, who have nowhere to direct their frustration and anger.