• Category
    Punk Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    1.6 m
  • Weight
    40.0 kg
  • Ability
    Punk Rock / Minus

A high-voltage bassist

It has an electrical organ on its chest and generates electricity by strumming this organ. The organ is said to be very dangerous, capable of generating 15,000 volts of electricity. While generating electricity, Low Key Form Toxtricity produces a rhythmic sound like an electric bass guitar keeping a precise beat.


Low-key yet provocative

Low Key Form Toxtricity holds its own strength in high regard and often acts selfishly. When it meets a person or another Pokémon, it won’t initiate an attack, but it will taunt them until they start a fight.

The new Ability Punk Rock

Toxtricity’s Ability Punk Rock is a new Ability introduced in these titles. A Pokémon with this Ability has the power of its sound-based moves boosted. It also seems to take half the regular damage from sound-based moves.