• Category
    Radiator Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    3.0 m
  • Weight
    120.0 kg
  • Ability
    Flash Fire / White Smoke

Flames overflowing from within its body

Centiskorch creates flammable gases by fermenting its food within its body. The gases are then burned in the heat-generating organs along its belly. This process produces so much fire that the flames overflow from both the antennae on its head and from its rear end. The flames are extremely hot, with temperatures reaching 800 degrees Celsius!


A violent and belligerent disposition

This Pokémon is so belligerent by nature that it will indiscriminately attack anything that gets close to it. Once battle begins, Centiskorch raises itself up and uses its long, hot body to its advantage, dealing damage by slamming into enemies with the searing organs on its belly or by wrapping opponents up in its constricting hold.