• Category
    Punk Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    1.6 m
  • Weight
    40.0 kg
  • Ability
    Punk Rock / Plus

A high-voltage guitarist

To generate electricity, it breaks down the poisons it takes into its body. During the process, Toxtricity stimulates its chest intensely, which produces a thrumming sound like a stringed instrument. It’s said to sound like a melody played on an electric guitar.


Dynamic and aggressive

Amped Form Toxtricity is extremely confident and short-tempered. When its eyes meet those of a person or another Pokémon, Toxtricity approaches them aggressively and attacks them, no matter who or what they are.

The new Ability Punk Rock

Toxtricity’s Ability Punk Rock is a new Ability introduced in these titles. A Pokémon with this Ability has the power of its sound-based moves boosted. It also seems to take half the regular damage from sound-based moves.