Galarian Darumaka
  • Category
    Zen Charm Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    0.7 m
  • Weight
    40 kg
  • Ability
  • Darumaka

    Previously discovered Darumaka

Galarian Darumaka

A body adapted to life in the cold

It is said that Galarian Darumaka arose long ago, when seismic shifts caused the warm region they lived in to cool down. The Darumaka of this region adapted to this cooling, changing their form to adjust. The fire that once burned within their bodies was extinguished, and in its place, the Darumaka of this region developed an organ that allows them to produce cold air.

Galarian Darumaka

Snowball fights with friends

By focusing the energy it holds within its body, Darumaka can expel cold air from its mouth in the form of snow. Galarian Darumaka have been spotted at play with one another, engaging in what looks like a snowball fight using balls made by freezing this snow.



Galarian Darumaka