• Category
    Chimp Pokémon
  • Type
  • Height
    0,7 m
  • Weight
    11,5 kg
  • Ability

A long and dexterous tongue

Drizzile uses its long and dexterous tongue, which is coated in mucus, both for battle and for eating. This tongue is usually kept within its mouth, but when necessary, it can be launched out in a quick shot to strike at Drizzile’s prey. It’s only during these moments that this usually lethargic Pokémon demonstrates a shocking degree of focus.


A very wary intellectual sort

Drizzile is a very cautious Pokémon. It sets up numerous traps in the areas surrounding the tree hollows or rocks where it lives, using the Water-type moves it excels in. It also uses its brain during battle, engaging in hit-and-run tactics utilizing the landscape around it or devising strategies that take full advantage of its ability to turn invisible when wet.